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Get Links from Premium Websites that will grant your site and brand more authority and trustworthiness.
**Please note, this is available for all niches, excluding adult or gambling/casino. For gambling or casino please visit our specialist gambling and casino PR editorial release section***

Press Release Editorial

Our Press Release Editorials will get you links from premium websites. They will typically offer a nofollow link but they are great for building trust and could potentially push visitors to your website.


3 – 4 Week Delivery


Links For You is my favourite go-to for link services. We were sceptical as we’ve tried a number of other services and were greatly disappointed. However, the team at Links For You are superb and have delivered us with results that went beyond our expectations. Paying that little bit extra for a high-quality service, rather than opting for people offering links for a tenner, is well worth it.

Matthew Raymond


The service the team at Links For You offers is amazing. My clients have never been happier, and it’s made my life a lot easier. The authority of the links used is superb.

Simon Hammond

Digital Marketing Agency Owner

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