1,000+ Traffic Guaranteed
$ 179
  • Links Relevant To Your Site
  • All Niches Available (except adult)
  • All Spam / Index Checked
  • Minimum Ahrefs Traffic 1000+


1,000+ Traffic Guaranteed
$ 279
  • Links Relevant To Your Site
  • All Niches Available (except adult)
  • All Spam / Index Checked
  • Minimum Ahrefs Traffic 1000+


1,000+ Traffic Guaranteed
$ 379
  • Links Relevant To Your Site
  • All Niches Available (except adult)
  • All Spam / Index Checked
  • Minimum Ahrefs Traffic 1000+

6 Reasons To Use Links For You

And that's just for starters!


Focused and Relevant:

You won’t get the results you need from any old links. We provide you with links that feature your main and LSI keywords in the Title, H1 and Inner Url. This will give your page the boost it needs to rank well.


Tried and Tested:

We know that the links that we provide are relevant and powerful; so much so that we use them ourselves in our own projects. Unlike other organisations offering a similar service, we stand by our links.


High Authority:

You are getting links from websites that have been assessed as high scoring from the number one trusted metric: Ahrefs Domain Rating. Ahrefs has been proven to offer more value than indexes like Moz, so you’ll be getting more powerful links.


Natural Sites:

If you’re looking for top-quality yet ethical links for your site, you’re in the right place. We don’t utilise PBN sites or hacked links. You don’t have to worry about any penalties from Google as our links come from genuine niche authority websites.


Bespoke Campaigns:

We produce custom outreach campaigns in order to get our clients the best links for their sites. Instead of getting a link from a small cooking blog, you’ll be getting links from authority sites that target your niche.


Fast Delivery:

When it comes to outreach and link building, we are experts. Not only will you be opting for top-quality, but you’ll be opting for fast service. Instead of waiting months, your links will be delivered within a matter of weeks.

What our clients say

Links For You is my favourite go-to for link services. We were sceptical as we’ve tried a number of other services and were greatly disappointed. However, the team at Links For You are superb and have delivered us with results that went beyond our expectations. Paying that little bit extra for a high-quality service, rather than opting for people offering links for a tenner, is well worth it.

Matthew Raymond

The service the team at Links For You offers is amazing. My clients have never been happier, and it’s made my life a lot easier. The authority of the links used is superb.

Simon Hammond
Digital Marketing Agency Owner


These are our most frequently asked questions:

Ordering Guest Posts has never been easier. Simply click on the order button and tell us how many links at each metric level you require. You can also optionally choose how many words of content that you want on each placement, by default we’ll do 500 included in the guest post price, but you can optionally add more if needed.

Once you’ve paid for your order, you’ll be asked to enter your Anchor Text, Target URL and optional Reverse Relevance (RSOS) terms: this is 1-5 words that will be included in the article title for your placement. One link per client!

Great. Your order details have been submitted now be patient and allow us time to create custom outreach campaigns for you and get your placements delivered. Our team will deliver your links within your dashboard and you’ll receive an email when we’ve submitted them too. If you’re looking for an update about your order then simply click on the order in question within your members area and ask away! We pride ourselves in great customer service and in making sure that you get the best links in a reliable time.

Yes, all links are 100% permanent and we’ll always replace them if they go down. It’s very rare that links are removed, but saying as we don’t own the websites that we place on, it can sometimes happen. We recommend to all clients that you track your links and let us know if any of them go down.

No. We do not build or place on PBNs. Our process entails that we only place on websites starting at 1,000+ Ahrefs Organic Traffic, this weeds out a huge amount of PBNs and we also have processes in place to ensure that you’ll not be getting placed on any shady link farms.

We have a delivery estimate of 3-4 weeks due to the time it takes for us to create custom outreach campaigns catered to your order. It’s important to understand that 3-4 weeks is a delivery estimate, not a guarantee.

If you order 1 link from us, you’ll almost always get that quicker than 3-4 weeks but if you order 10 links per month for the same website over the space of a few months the delivery time could increase slightly. We’ve never ran over 5 weeks in the past and we recommend that agency clients get their monthly orders in early so that we can guarantee that they will be out in time.

If you have strict deadlines on delivery, then please contact us first with your specifications for a more accurate estimate on delivery.

We can’t let you pick your link before you buy due to the fact that all of our campaigns are custom to the order. Once you place an order with us, we outreach to other sites in your industry to get you the most relevant placements with the highest amount of authority. Essentially, we don’t know the links until you place an order and we have costs associated to that research. Doing things this way means that you’ll get fresher placements than many of the other guest post services that re-use the same lists of sites time and time again.

Always remember that we’ll be happy to replace your links if you’re not happy and if they don’t fit the metric requirements that we promised.

Yes – we randomly do outbound authority links within all of our placements. We’ll mix in between 0-2 outbound authority links per article. Sometimes your placements will not have outbound authority links in them by default but we can easily do a specific number of these if your request them in your ordering area.


We’re always happy to discuss specific requirements that you have, but this isn’t something that we get requested commonly. Our clients are generally happy with the current guest post packages that we offer. Feel free to email in with any questions that you may have.

Yes, we’re happy to accept foreign website placements but the placements will be in English written content, on an English target site. We’re happy to link out to a foreign website and even place a foreign anchor if needed.

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