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Metro - 89DR, 4.2M Traffic

Yahoo - 92DR, 42.1M Traffic

Birmingham Mail - 80DR, 1.1M Traffic

Daily Echo - 74DR, 190.4K Traffic

Daily Mail - 92DR, 30.4M Traffic

Daily Star - 82DR, 2.2M Traffic

Express - 89DR, 8.6M Traffic

Glasgow Times - 73DR, 249K Traffic

The Herald - 82DR, 228K Traffic

The Irish News - 76DR, 300K Traffic

Manchester Evening News - 83DR, 2.8M Traffic

Mirror - 90DR, 12.8M Traffic

The Sun - 81DR, 5.4M Traffic

Good Housekeeping - 90DR, 19.7M Traffic

Yorkshire Times - 61DR, 14.9K Traffic


What our clients say

Links For You is my favourite go-to for link services. We were sceptical as we’ve tried a number of other services and were greatly disappointed. However, the team at Links For You are superb and have delivered us with results that went beyond our expectations. Paying that little bit extra for a high-quality service, rather than opting for people offering links for a tenner, is well worth it.

Matthew Raymond

The service the team at Links For You offers is amazing. My clients have never been happier, and it’s made my life a lot easier. The authority of the links used is superb.

Simon Hammond
Digital Marketing Agency Owner


These are our most frequently asked questions:

Ordering a digital PR campaign has never been easier. Simply click on the order button and tell us how many campaigns you require. 

Once you’ve paid for your order, you’ll be asked to fill out our form which specified how hands on your would like to be with your campaign – do you need to sign off on ideas or not?

At this point your order details have been submitted. Be patient and allow us time to create and pitch campaigns for you and get your placements delivered. Our team will deliver your links within your dashboard and you’ll receive an email when we’ve submitted them too. If you’re looking for an update about your order then simply click on the order in question within your members area and ask away! We pride ourselves in great customer service and in making sure that you get the best links in a reliable time.

No. We do aim for syndication in our campaigns. Though if this happens and a piece goes viral – great news!

Our process entails that we only email journalists likely to be interested in your story.

It is a manual process of contacting hundreds, sometimes thousands of journalists.

Of course! Once you place an order with us, we create several campaign ideas.

The majority of our customers simply let us go ahead with the campaign. However, if you select the option to review campaign in the order form, then we will send you three ideas and let you pick your favourite.

Remember though, if you need signoff on a campaign it may result in delays to the service being delivered.

We’ll be happy to come up with even more ideas for you if you’re not happy with the ones provided.

We’re always happy to discuss specific requirements that you have, but this isn’t something that we get requested commonly. Our clients are generally happy with the current digital PR campaigns that we offer. Feel free to email in with any questions that you may have or book a call

Digital PR, unlike guest posts, results in a mix of dofollow and nofollow links.

Nofollow links coming from top tier news publications still carry as much, if not more weight than high-end guest posts.

And the top tier news publications that give a dofollow links will be the strongest links in your profile.

We do manually follow up with every nofollow link (and unlinked mention) requesting a dofollow link.

We have a delivery estimate of 3-4 weeks due to the time it takes for us to come up with the ideas, gather the relevant research, compile the media lists and follow up on placements. It’s important to understand that 3-4 weeks is a delivery estimate, not a guarantee.

If you order a campaign and don’t require signoff, you’ll almost always get that within 3-4 weeks but if you require signoff and multiple iterations of creative ideas, the delivery time could increase slightly. We’ve never ran over 5 weeks in the past and we recommend that agency clients get their monthly orders in early so that we can guarantee that they will be out in time.

If you have strict deadlines on delivery, then please contact us first with your specifications for a more accurate estimate on delivery.

Sadly not. When creating media lists we are limited to journalists who are likely to cover your story. It simply might not be possible to get your story featured in a specific news outlet.

That being said, if you let us know a publication you are targeting we can tailor our pitch to be more suitable for that specific publication.

Yes, we’re happy to accept non-English campaigns, but please speak to us first.

In some countries we work with limited media lists, therefor the 8-12 link guarantee may not be possible.

It’s best to speak to us directly before placing an order like this.

We have had campaigns go viral and deliver over 100 links in the past.

That being said, our campaigns deliver an average of 8-12.

We guarantee all campaigns will deliver 8-12 links an if they don’t we’ll send a fresh campaign out to get you the results you expect.

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